The following are steps to both register an account with and apply for courses through GoMidwife.


Step 1:

Read all of the steps prior to proceeding.


Step 2:

Register your account with GoMidwife.

In this step you will create an account with GoMidwife.  We require everyone to have an account and to be logged in to access applications, payments, the forums, etc.  You will create your account by filling out our registration form and then creating a username and password.

Register Now


Step 3:

Apply for a course.

In this step you will apply for your course.  To access applications you will need to login to the site using the username and password you created in Step 2.  If you have not already logged in to the site then please do so now by going to "Hello.Login" at the top of the page.

Apply Now



Step 4:

Pay for your course.


In this step you will pay for your course.  There are many different payment methods available.  Please ensure you have been accepted into the course for which you have applied before making any payments.

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