Apprenticeship Placement



You have made it so far!! You are now eligible for apprenticeship placement. There are so many wonderful days ahead of you. It will be hard work, but you can do it and we will walk with you along the way.

Apprenticeship placement is 12-24 months long, or more, depending on the pace you choose to go. You will be placed and work alongside an experienced midwife.



To begin the Apprenticeship Placement process follow the steps below:



Step 1. 

Successfully complete the

MOM Core Course.


Step 2.ttogo

Print your

CCM Application.

Print your

CPM Application.


Step 3.

Choose a:


or International



Step 4. 

Fill out and submit your


Placement Application.


Step 5. 

Schedule your virtual



Step 6. 

Make your Payment.


Step 7.

Read and sign your Contract.


Congratulations! You are on your way to being a midwifery apprentice!!