Botanical Health & Herbal Medicine



Family Herbs- 1 Week

Herbs for Women- 1 Week


The purpose of this workshop is to introduce participants to the understanding and knowledge of the botanical world of wholeness and wellness as originated and designed by God.


Through this workshop participants will gain academic knowledge along with practical application foundational to the understanding, prevention, and treatment of common ailments trough the understanding of plant science.


This includes issues found throughout the many stages and courses of one’s life including, but not limited to: woman’s wellness, newborn and child wellness, parasitical influences on wellness and malnutrition throughout the developing world, crisis response and wound care, pregnancy, and the common maladies of life.


The course will combine lecture based instruction with hands-on implementation as well as lay a foundation for critical thinking and a renewed responsibility for ones own health and well-being. This course will present scientific evidence for the prevention and treatment of common illness and concerns through a botanical whole-systems approach.


One of the greatest crises facing our world today surrounds the field of maternal-child health and development.




Food and nutrition

hold one of the greatest

keys to unlocking



The Botanical Health & Herbal Medicine workshop bridgesthe existing healthcare system of our day which is a disease-based approach and the analytic, or well-grounded assumption, of original design and intended wellness through nutrition and prevention.

Our encompassing objective is the development of the woman within the development of the community. This micro-approach is based on the axiom: if the mother is well, the family is well, and if the family is well the community will thrive.



Topics Will Include:


Nourishing Herbs

Herbs for the Family

Herbs for Immunity

Digestive Herbs

Making Teas

Making Tinctures

Herbs for Women

Herbs During the Childbearing Years

Herbal First Aid



















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