Do you love BIRTH? Do you long to serve women during pregnancy, birth and postpartum? Would you like to have a practical skill to use in your community? This workshop will introduce you to how doula work can be used as a tool to serve women in a life-impacting way throughout the world and in every community.

Simply put, doulas change birth outcomes.

Having a doula present at birth can lower the risk of cesarean, unnecessary induction methods as well as the use of pain medications significantly. Doula attended births have proven to help mothers have better birth experiences overall and research has shown the presence of a doula can also reduce the time a woman labors up to 25%. You can become part of the solution to one of the most desperate needs of our day and help change accepted cultural norms. Our workshop encompasses the most important aspects and skills that you will need as a doula and gives you the confidence to begin working in whatever community you find yourself in.  Come learn how to support women during pregnancy, labor and the postpartum period. 






Doula Workshop to Include:


Comfort Measures




Labor and Birth Positions


Using Rebozo


Nutritional Doula


Labor Doula


Postpartum Doula








The cost of this course is $350 which includes all coursework materials including your GoMidwife Doula manual. In addition to completion of the week or weekend intensive, participants planning to apply for GoMidwife Doula Certification will need to complete the certification process and accompanying assignments.  You may download the Doula Certification materials by clicking HERE.  For more information or to save your spot, simply apply below.


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February 4, 5 and 6

Perdido, Alabama


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