Many nonprofits have been asked why there are fees deducted from donations.  We understand your concern and want to try and give you as much information as possible about our fee structure and how it works.  The industry standard is to deduct between 5-10% for overhead and administrative costs on each donation.  This helps cover things such as website maintenance, security upgrades, filing requirements, and much more.  Most of our staff work as unpaid volunteers and we are therefore able to go with the lowest amount possible, or 5%.  When you make a donation it will work like this:


  • You decide to donate $100.00.
  • You enter your payment information and let us know how you would like this donation applied.  If there is no designation for the donation then we will use it in the general fund.
  • The system records your donation and your card is charged $100.00.
  • Our internal system will deduct 5% from your $100.00 donation.  This $5.00 will go to administrative costs.  The $95.00 balance of your $100.00 donation will go to the designated area.

Thank you in advance for helping support the vital need for mothers and babies around the world!