Guidelines for Doula Trainer Status with GoMidwife

At GoMidwife we understand that the best way to bring awareness and training to individuals interested in doula work is to provide a training atmosphere that is welcoming, knowledgeable and thorough while meeting the needs of the students in the best way possible. To that end we have designed a trainer certification course that will help to bring all these to bear while ensuring that we can multiply the positive effects of doula work. Below you will find the steps needed to become a certified doula trainer with GoMidwife.

- Proof of continuous and current membership as a certified doula in good standing with GoMidwife

- At least three years of work as a doula since certification and have worked as a doula in the last calendar year

- Submission of class outline and materials including handouts

- Completion of the GoMidwife Trainer webinar

- Completion of teaching a minimum of one class under supervision

- Completion of teaching a minimum of three GoMidwife doula courses, including under supervision, with feedback before receiving full trainer status

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