We know that it can be a challenge to leave home and attend a full-time midwifery program.  There are some situations where the dream and desire is there but the practicality of leaving home and attending school full time is simply not possible.  We want to help everyone move closer to their goal of working in the sphere of maternal and child health and therefore are offering a suite of courses that will prepare you with your didactic training in midwifery. The independent study program is comprised of four self-study modules, each with six courses plus one elective.  This allows you the freedom to choose one course per module that best suits your interests and needs.  You will find the course listing for each module below as well as the list of electives at the bottom of the page. All independent study courses have a one month "clock" that begins once your first lesson is submitted.  Until this lesson is submitted you are not yet under any time constraints.  This gives you as the student time to work ahead, set your schedule, accomplish reading, etc before submitting your first assignment.

Each class is $250 for books, materials and shipping. Those courses offering the potential for certification such as doula or childbirth education do not include the certification fee. These certification fees are $100 and are optional. You may purchase an entire module for a 5% discount (plus materials and shipping) or the entire four module sequence for a 10% discount (plus materials and shipping).  Please note that some books are now out of print or the preferred edition is older.  We will provide the books best suited for each course.  As this is an electronically delivered course it will not possible to give a refund for courses already delivered to you.  Please see our example lesson to know the format and general construction of courses. 


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Module One


Perspectives: Introduction to the Global Crisis in Maternal Child Health


Childbirth Education

Foundations in Midwifery I

Foundations in Midwifery II

Foundations in Midwifery III


Module Two


Anatomy and Physiology



Herbs for Women


Permaculture: Agriculture Systems that Change Health


Module Three


Pregnancy and Prenatal Care

Well Woman Care

Community Development

Pregnancy Complications

Worldview, Women and Childbearing

Labs and Medications


Module Four


Normal Labor (Stage 1)

Normal Birth (Stage 2)

Postpartum (Stage 3)

Self Care


Birth Emergencies




Foundations in Research

Family Health Intensive: Beyond the Birth Room

Birth After Crisis


Birth Cultures and Politics

Family Planning


Grief and Loss

Herbs and the Family