Each independent study course is geared towards tracking with our in-person classes for those who cannot join our midwifery program live and in person.  We have divided each of these courses into four modules.  Individual classes are $100.00 each plus books.  Check with the instructor about books for each course prior to registering.  Books are often $30-$50 each depending on the course and ebooks are often 10-20% less expensive.  Some courses use the same books as a previous course, so be sure to double check the materials for each independent study prior to registration.

Course Listing:


Module One

Global Perspectives in Maternal-Child Health


Childbirth Education



Nutrition in Pregnancy


Module Two

Herbal Medicine: Family Health, Pregnancy, Birth, and Postpartum

Anatomy and Physiology

Foundations in Midwifery (A survey)

Appropriate Technology and Maternal-Child Development

Maternal-Child Development and the Community

Permaculture and Family Wellness Gardens


Module Three


The Prenatal Period

Normal Labor and Birth

Pregnancy Complications and Birth Emergencies


The Postpartum Period


Module Four

Worldview and Cultural Realities

Critical Thinking

Crisis Birth: Trauma, Refugee Camps, War and Birth After Crisis

Field-Based Family Health

Self-Care on the Field

Training Trainers and Teaching Oral Learners




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