December 1-12

This workshop will introduce you to the understanding and knowledge of the botanical world of wholeness and wellness as originated and designed by God. Through this seminar you will gain academic knowledge along with practical application, a deeper understanding of the plants around us, and how to use them to be well. You will learn how to fill your cabinets with food and not pills.


God designed us to be well, and He gave us everything we need in order to be so. This course will strive to move students beyond a disease-based model of the modern medical approach and lay a foundation for critical thinking and a renewed responsibility for ones own health and well-being. The course will combine both lecture based instruction and hands-on implementation. This workshop is part of a more extensive Maternal Development track, and will focus primarily on maternal-child wellness and the family.


Topics Will Include:Herb course photo

Nourishing Herbs
Herbs for the Family
Herbs for Immunity
Digestive Herbs
Making Teas
Making Tinctures
Herbs for Women
Herbs During the Childbearing Years
Herbal First Aid




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