We are aware that midwifery practice, the act of birth, and all that surrounds this field is an important topic that cannot be taken lightly.  To this end we have developed a code of practice and scope of structure that will help show how GoMidwife is meeting these challenges.


We support and follow the training of midwives in and from all walks of life.  This includes the developing world as well as first world nations.


We support the ethical treatment of women and children as it relates to medicine and healthcare and especially in the practice and training of midwifery.


We support the Basic Principles of the International MotherBaby Childbirth Initiative.


We support the code of ethics of the International Confederation of Midwives.


We support the training of midwives of every color, creed, and nationality that are underserved and underrepresented.


We believe midwives and students should be well-versed in cultural, cross-cultural, international and traditional competencies and understand the concepts of actual community development in partnering with those we serve and preventing exploitation in any form or manner.


We believe that women and their babies are our first concern and that all other considerations are secondary.


It is our goal to always provide true community development wherever we go and with whomever we serve.  This means preventing paternalism and ensuring that we help empower the local women and population we serve, partnering with those who are seeking our care and guidance, and being respectful and aware of the realities we face in every nation and people group we serve.  We realize there are many things we can help bring to the table and that there are also many things that those we work with can teach us along the way.  To this end, we ensure we have oversight by both local and international organizations and experts in international development so that we empower and protect the women and populations we serve.