Teaching Birth …Stories of Africa Vol. 2

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Our journey to Togo began with the training of future midwives in our Modules of Midwifery program last September. I had the honor of teaching labor support/education or doula work in our school last year in addition to anatomy and physiology of birth and loved it, but teaching the practicals in Togo was a whole different kind of fun!

The fact that the clinic in Noepé sees lots of deliveries each month made for an incredible opportunity to walk our students through the practical, hands-on aspects of their future as midwives. There were two Togolese women catching babies during our time at the clinic and one of my co-leaders or myself would rotate in with one of them and one of our students, giving us the opportunity not only to see how things are done in a rural clinic but to share skills and to teach students as we went through each labor, delivery and postpartum period.

Teaching is a humbling thing. I often feel unqualified but being in Togo with our incredible team of seasoned midwives, students and those of us who lie somewhere in between taught me that there's more than just the refining of skill and practical development happening here. Working together built up the heart of the midwife in each of us. Relying on one another, asking for advice and jumping in where we were needed built functioning teams and without teamwork in birth, we would be lost.

I look forward to many more teachable moments, both for those I have the honor of instructing and for the many, many moments I have yet to experience myself!

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