Use That

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I have friends in my life that are literally the guru at impromptu.  They can whip up a dance costume in 10 minutes that would send this Wadsy heart into a frenzy.  These ladies are my reference guide to birthday parties, Halloween costumes, sporting events, education.  You name it.  We should salute them.  I’m sure they’re scratching their heads wondering what the big deal is.  “It’s what I do.” has been the motto for some of them.  They bring  a new meaning to being ready in season and out.  They know how to pack the quintessential “MacGyver” kit wherever they go.  They don’t have time to complain about the sour lemons that life has given them.  They’re busy serving the lemonade.

GoMidwife is teaching more than what’s in textbooks.  They’re rising up leaders that will redeem family, birth, and bring global change with the gospel.  In developing nations, or crisis areas, I may not be given luxuries of electricity or running water.  I may not have access to an autoclave to sterilize instruments.  The water to wash my hands, could be the same murky water where the animals are chillaxin.  Throwing my hands in the air and walking away won’t be an option.  So, in class, or should I say outside the four walls, we learned how to use 3 cinder blocks and 2 bricks.


We made a rocket stove.  Queue the oohs and aaahhhs.  It’s actually quite miraculous.  This molehill of cement will be the foundation for clean drinking water…



We collected some dry twigs and some dead grass to start a fire on the side of the stove.  This will pull through the top of the chimney.



A fire needs oxygen, heat, and fuel.  Though we started this fire with a lighter, I think we’ll have matches.  The fire will flow up into the chimney.



We placed 2 metal rods over the chimney for a pot of water to set on top. This enables the chimney to have oxygen and to help keep the fire going.


A known MacGyver skill is accessing your surroundings and using what is available.  Moringa trees were growing so we used a seed pod to clarify the water.  It’s not safe for consumption with just the moringa, but it helps with purification process.  Here is an example of the dried seeds.



Water took almost 16 minutes to boil and an additional 12 minutes for a rolling boil.  It could’ve taken less time with more water or a larger stove.



I was taught this week that everything we do should serve at least 3 purposes.  This level of efficiency will render time to be spent on other things, and improve productivity.  There may be a time when cinder blocks aren’t available, which is perfectly fine.  My MacGyver skills are sharp and I’ll look for other resources:  lava rock, clay, or some other material.  “Whatever it is you have, use that.”  My rockstar friends have been living this for years, without the fancy quote.  They’re minimally concerned with what they don’t have.  Their focus, as well as my new adopted one, is to complete the task.  Serve the l’ade.



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