Volunte is my Hero

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Wow, can I just say that Volunte is my hero. She is in the clinic right now with a mom with twins. This will be the third set of twins this week :O!!! With the first set on Monday, the second baby was born two hours after the first and was resuscitated for  15-20 min [who really knows how long it was] Everyone was ready to call the baby lost and give up, but they kept feeling the Spirit to continue to work on him. And he came back to life. Amy said when she did the new born exam on him he seemed fine, and that there wasn't brain damage.

Anyways, Volunte is the boss. Her and ellody attend most of the births now. Ellody even caught a baby on her own-there was no one around to help her :O Now get this. Volunte caught twins one night, and one was breech! 😮 seriously. She is crazy. I asked her if she was nervous. She said no"no, I tell God if he has me here then he will help me, so there is no problem." She also said that when she realized baby was breech, as it was being born, that she prayed "God, I don't want to call Amy, so help me." Haha.  And that's what it is ladies, the clinic runs on the full power of the Lord. The unimaginable walk through, and God does his work.
Wow. I am so humbled by her humility and faith.
Haha, I asked her about suturing and episiotomies, her response was "I don't like that one. I want to go to bed so I don't do the episiotomies". Hahaha.
We also talked about how the women travel from far just to come to our clinic. She said she went to one of the government clinic meetings, and the people from Noepe and other neighboring clinics were interrogating her saying she was going around telling the women to come to our clinic because they didn't have many women anymore. She just laughed at them and said "I never do that. They just come."  So she began asking the women why they traveled from so far to come to the clinic. Their responses were that rumor has it that our clinic treats women with gentleness, love and tenderness and that is why they come.
Being here is the weirdest thing. So many things drive my mind crazy [mostly me over thinking culture, friendships with the guys, me over thinking life and how I live in general] BUT, there is something about this place that is remarkable and unexplainable. How can I, social Whitney, always needing an adventure, be here on this base, and remain sane? The clinic drives me crazy, I think "we need more training, things need to be sterilized, organization and structure need to be enforced, but at the end of the day, I just have to throw my hands up in the air and say It's Jesus. That is the only answer to it all.
Anyways. Just wanted to share that with you. I'm so happy God led us to invest in Togo, even in the midst of the craziness.
Dts starts tomorrow!
Much love!
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